Philosophy and values


Kaktus Hotels


Kaktus Hotels is a family-run hotel group. We are driven by our commitment to meeting our guests’ expectations, offering a friendly and direct service to make our establishments incomparably welcoming.

Kaktus Hotels


We want our establishments to be known for our hospitality and to become a reference in the tourism sector thanks to the experiences we provide our guests. All this thanks to our friendly service, which sets us apart from the rest of this increasingly competitive industry.


Kaktus Hotels


Our main value consists in offering our clients the best service with a friendly attitude. This is the cornerstone of our system of values. Every client has very different needs and all the members of our team are willing to give their all to meet the guests’ requirements.

Kaktus Hotels


The friendly and direct service we offer our clients characterises us. That is how we aim to create a personalised experience for all, regardless of nationality.

Kaktus Hotels


In our hotels, we like both our clients and our staff to feel at home. This helps contribute to the wellbeing of both groups, which we are happy to see is reason enough to convince many clients to stay with us again.

Kaktus Hotels

Environmental responsibility

The importance of minimising our carbon footprint has led us to implement measures and habits geared towards increasing sustainability, such as the use of LED lightbulbs, natural gas or solar panels to make our establishments more sustainable.

Kaktus Hotels


The trust our guests and the members of our staff place in us helps us become the go-to hotel group for an ever-growing number of holiday-goers.

Kaktus Hotels


With all the aforementioned values, we are committed to offering a personalised service catering to everyone’s interests to create unforgettable stays.