Mission, Vision and Values

Make yourself at home


Kaktus Hotels are a chain of family-run accommodation. Our motivation is the commitment with the satisfaction of our guests, offering a close and familiar experience in order that the stay with us is uniquely welcoming.


We want that our establishments are recognized by our hospitality , and highlight in the tourism sector by the experiences we provide to our customers. All this thanks to our friendly customer experience, differentiating elements in an increasingly competitive industry.


The values of Kaktus Hotels that define us and help us grow day after day are summarized in:


Our main value is to provide the best service to our customers always in a close way. This is also the basis for the rest of our values. Each client has different needs and all the members of our team are prepared to give the best of themselves in order to meet them.


Our close and familiar customer service that we enjoy offering our clients defines us. With this we seek to create a personalized experience, regardless of nationality.


In our hotels we like both our clients and our team members to feel as at home. This contributes to the well-being of both parties, and it is something that rewards us to see how many of our clients are choose us once and again.


The importance of minimizing the carbon footprint leads us to implement measures and habits aimed at sustainability year after year, as the modification electric light installation changing them to LED, implementing natural gas and installing solar panels so our establishments become more sustainable.


Trust generated among the members of our team and with our clients helps us to be the choice of more and more public for their holidays year after year.


With all the values discussed earlier we aim to reach a personalized service, in which the interests of all come together to make your stay the best of experiences.